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Signature Projects

Projects originating and managed by Celebrate Lexington!


Purple Coneflower

In 2017, after many suggestions from American in Bloom Evaluators, we decided to nominate a city flower. After a city-wide survey, the clear winner was Purple Coneflower (Echinacea purpurea). The city council agreed and it was final!

Purple Coneflower makes a remarkable appearance in the Wellington Park daffodil drift.

GET INVOLVED to promote this beautiful native flower with seed packets, signs, and fliers.


Book Trails 2023

To celebrate and encourage literacy and nature in Fayette County, Celebrate Lexington! has developed a series of Book Trails for 2023. The first is around the children's play area in Jacobsen Park. Take a walk around the plank fencing and read a children's picture book written by a Central Kentucky author. Two more Celebrate Lexington! Book Trails are planned for 2023 in Wellington Park and in Masterson Station Park.


GET INVOLVED by sending us a photo of you walking the trail to be featured on our social media. 

Community Champion

Community Champion

In 2017, AIB Lexington created the Isabel Yates Community Champion Award to honor this former Vice Mayor for her unceasing work in beautification and historic preservation in the Bluegrass. Rather than present her a plaque, a daffodil drift was planted in her honor at Wellington Park. The award continues to be presented annually with three adjoining drifts/awards per park.​ 

GET INVOLVED to suggest a Community Champion to our Board!

Ann Garrity 2023

2023 Winner Ann Garrity ArtWorks at Carver

Thomas Tolliver2

2022 Winner Thomas Tolliver Charles Young Park


2021 Winner Jake Gibbs Charles Young Park


2020 Winner Yvonne Giles Charles Young Park


2019 Winner Elizabeth Pattengill Wellington Park


2018 Winner Marcia Farris Wellington Park


2017 Winner Isabel Yates Wellington Park

Daffodil Drifts

Daffodil Drifts

Since 2017 we’ve been planting about 1,000 daffodils per year to commemorate our Community Champion as a permanent Thank You for their efforts. Each spring, these spring flowers grace highly visible sites around Lexington. Two locations have been identified thus far. 

  • Wellington Park was the first to be filled with 3,000 daffodils. Because of it’s high visibility from both the Wellington Walking Trail and from New Circle Road, we decided to continue the plantings with Lexington’s Official Flower, the Purple Coneflower, and a riot of zinnias. These last through the summer season into fall.

  • Charles Young Park was completed in 2022 with three plantings of 1,000 each. Visible from Midland Avenue and Third Street, it is an integral part of the new Community Center, Splash park, and other new attractions. 

  • In November of 2023 Celebrate Lexington planted the first 1,000 bulbs along Oliver Lewis Way. Look for them in March of 2024!

GET INVOLVED by suggesting sites for daffodil plantings, or to join our email list so you will know about upcoming events.

Wellington 22.jpg

Celebrate Lexington Brunch

From the first Community Brunch that launched what became Celebrate Lexington!, we have loved bringing together the wide variety of organizations, government, nonprofits, businesses working hard to make Lexington a wonderful place to live and work. The pandemic has put these plans on hold, but we hope to be able to get together once again to break out of our silos and collaborate more. 

GET INVOLVED by joining our email list to be informed about new events.

Walking Tour

Downtown Walking Tour

As part of the 2017 Symposium held in Lexington, a walking tour was created to highlight Lexington’s history and beauty. The tour is available online at

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